Create a designer bathroom you can enjoy

Granite Transformations Bristol has all the makeover products you need to overhaul the entire bathroom including work surfaces, replacement doors, hard flooring and splashbacks. Choose your favourite items and once we have done you will have a bathroom that looks like nothing else.

Out fitting team are vastly experienced and well accustomed to crafting surrounds and washbasin profiles with incredible precision. They’re passionate about everything they do which is reflected in the quality of workmanship offered, always going above and beyond to make all of our customers happy.

  • Water resistance is offered by all our work surfaces

    It is imperative that the work surfaces within your bathroom are able to hold up against water exposure. Our bathroom work surfaces have been specifically developed to resist water and sustain their performance in the hot and humid atmosphere associated with bathroom areas.

    Whichever splashback or shower liner you purchase, rest assured that water-resistance is guaranteed.

  • A wide spectrum of finishes

    Whether you want a bold or subtle finish for your chosen work finish, you will find a colour that fits your taste. The final finish will also sustain its appearance for years to come.

    Our colour palette covers a broad selection of finishes, including traditional white and black, together with modern favourites like an emerald green.

  • You’ll be in awe of our inventiveness

    Granite Transformations Bristol is committed to innovation and continuously developing products that offer stunning design and versatility. This regularly attracts the attention of some of the world’s finest architects and interior designers.

    Whenever we’re approached by an architect, interior designer or any other customer, we always do our utmost to create a product that matches their exact requirements. Just tell a design consultant want you want and we will do the rest.