Commercial Space Reimagined

A professional workspace is a necessity in business

Create the perfect looking premises

Don’t fall behind your business rivals. Give your commercial space a professional makeover to keep one step ahead of the competition.

The Products

The quartz and recycled glass worktops that we’re so renowned for are also compatible with commercial spaces if it’s your workplace that could do with a refresh. They’re all heat-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant too, so they will never diminish.

The Process

We are one of the “greenest” firms you will come across and always strive to protect the environment when developing our makeover solutions.

  • We have been issued with a GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certification, leading to us being appointed for makeover projects at many schools and child-based locations.
  • The green building methods we employ ensure we qualify for LEED points and further highlights our efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible at all times.
  • It will usually take us less than a day to integrate our products into your commercial space.

The Perfection

Business owners understandably want the best looking premises and Granite Transformations Bristol Central is only too happy to oblige. The eclecticism of our product range presents so many different possibilities as there’s a host of styles and colours available. When you see our products in their entirety it makes it all the more remarkable that they’ve been produced in a sustainable manner.

Our Benefits

It was vitally important to us that customers benefited from makeover products that combined functionality and attractiveness. We feel that we achieved our goal and hopefully you will agree when you see the difference they make to the condition of your commercial space. It will be unrecognisible once we have completed the job.

You will be pleased to know that every product sold is also stain, scratch and heat-resistant, so they can withstand exposure to almost anything. This lasting performance will be felt throughout your commercial space for years to come and prove that your investment was completely worthwhile. They’re aided by the inclusion of ForeverSeal®, a special sealing formula. Without ForeverSeal® you would have to consistently maintain and reseal your chosen work surface. Thankfully, none of this is necessary.

The various Product Advantages of buying from Granite Transformations Bristol Central should be enough to convince you to trust us:

  •        Scratch and stain-resistant
  •        Mould and mildew-resistant
  •        Fits over existing surfaces
  •        Fast, easy, no-mess installation
  •        Maintenance-free
  •        Easy to clean
  •        Surfaces never need sealing
  •        Lifetime Limited Warranty
  •        NSF certified
  •        Trained, professional installers
  •        Satisfaction 100% guaranteed